3 Things You Should NEVER Do When a Car Engine Overheats

3 Things You Should NEVER Do When a Car Engine Overheats

When a car overheats, it’s hard to know what the reasons might be because an overheating engine may be caused by different reasons. It might be caused by the leaks in the cooling system which is often the reason why the engine overheats. Second, it might be because of the coolant or if not, you may have a bad thermostat. Having radiator issues can also trigger your car engine to overheat since your radiator helps in reducing heat by decreasing the coolant temperatures. The radiator fan also helps in reducing heat so if it is damaged or has any issues, it will result in overheating because it can cause the increase of the temperature. Other reasons may include worn out hoses, damaged belts, bad water pump, and wrong coolant. To prevent any of these issues, have your car engine regularly checked for any possible problems.

If ever your car engine overheats and you don’t know what to do, do not panic and immediately get out of the car. Do not drive the vehicle further especially if the signs that your engine is overheating is noticeable such as a steam coming out under your hood or if you can smell a strange smell that’s coming from your engine. Here are the three things you shouldn’t do if your car is overheating:

  1. Do not drive further

If the signs that your car engine overheating is already noticeable, driving it further will only damage the engine more. Wait until it has cooled down. Always keep in mind that an overheating car should never be driven if you want to avoid further damages.

  1. Do not panic

Stay relaxed and keep calm. Panicking only worsens the situation and will not help you fix the problem. The best thing to do is think of the best solution to your dilemma. Your options should include calling an experienced technician for help. Only experienced and skilled people should handle your car engine to prevent further complications with your car engine. Also, so you will know what went wrong with your vehicle that caused it to overheat. 

  1. Do not use cold water

NEVER use cold water for your engine! Pouring cold water in the radiator may result in a crack in the engine block because of the sudden change in the temperature. Always wait for your car to cool down before doing anything or consult a technician especially if you’re inexperienced. Call for help as soon as possible before doing anything to tend to your overheating engine.

Once your car overheats, find a safe place to pull over and turn off your air conditioner to prevent additional stress in the car engine. Check your coolant level and if it is low, add coolant. If your car engine already cools down, restart the engine before driving to the nearest car repair shop and always keep an eye for the temperature. If it rises again, pull over and wait. The best option is to call for a technician to repair your car in the exact location you’re at to prevent further stress to the engine.

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