Common Types of Spare Tires

Common Types of Spare Tires

A spare tire is a necessity every time you go out for a drive, especially if it’s a long journey. You will never know when your tire will encounter any debris that might make it burst such as nails, glasses, etc. Once you’re on a road, stranded, due to a flat tire, you will know what the importance of a spare tire is. If you want to avoid this unfortunate event, plan in advance and load a spare tire in your trunk. Don’t know what type of car tire you should purchase? Here are the common types of spare tires.

  • Full-size matching spare tire

The most common type of spare tire is a full-size matching spare tire. It’s an important type of spare tire to bring with you because they are the exact same size of the tire your vehicle is using. It preserves the aesthetics of the vehicle because it does not make the vehicle look bizarre. The perfect fit of the full size matching spare tire once it replaces the flat tire is why you won’t have to go to a repair shop afterwards once your flat tire is replaced since it perfectly matches.

  • Full-size non-matching spare tire

This type of spare tire is also full-size but doesn’t match the wheel and sizes your current set has. Although it doesn’t fit your current set, since it is still a full-size spare tire, it’s still unnecessary to go to a repair shop.

  • Full-size temporary spare tire

This light-weight spare tire should only be really used as a spare and can only be used temporarily. 

  • Compact temporary spare tire

This type of spare tire doesn’t take up too much space unlike the full-size spares. It can only be used for a limited time to get to a repair shop and needs to be approved by the manufacturer of your car. It also needs a higher inflation pressure so it really is only intended to be used as a temporary replacement for your tire to get to a repair shop or your garage.

  • Folding temporary spare tire

Like its name, it is a foldable type of spare tire and is inflatable. It only takes up a little amount of storage space in your vehicle but it is a little bit more difficult to use since you will need either an electric air pump or air canister to inflate the spare tire. It should also only be used for a limited time, just to help you get to a repair shop or the garage.

It is important to make sure that when driving in spare tires, the tire should also be properly inflated and free from any damages. Some spare tires need to be approved by your manufacturers too so make sure to have them checked before using them. Remember that since it is only a spare tire, they are only intended for limited and restricted usage. Have your car checked in a repair shop so they’ll have your tire replaced with an appropriate one.

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