Important Information About Transmission Fluid Leaks

Important Information About Transmission Fluid Leaks

The most common transmission problem is transmission fluid leaks. A vehicle’s transmission is what makes the car move and is responsible for the speed by transferring the engine power to the wheels. How will you know if you have a transmission fluid leak? If there’s a puddle of red fluid beneath your vehicle, then it is a sign of transmission fluid leak. Although it is not something to get worried about, it still needs to be fixed right away because it might be because of major internal problems and may result in the vehicle not running properly.

Here is some important information about transmission fluid leaks you should know.

  • Transmission fluid colors

There are two transmission fluid colors. They are either colored green or red so they can be identified easily from other vehicle fluids. The colors of a transmission fluid leak depend on the manufacturer but it is often colored red and is somehow thick.

  • What are the causes of transmission fluid leaks?

Like any other vehicle problems, transmission fluid leaks can be caused by different reasons. It can be caused by wear and tear of different transmission parts such as the transmission pan or drain plug. It might be hard to determine which transmission part was damaged so it is important to have a technician check it. The seals might be broken or the fluid line might be cracked. The root of the leak might be difficult to know so let a technician handle it.

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