Flatbed Towing


Vehicles can experience problems from time to time. They might be reliable, but they can also break down when they’re overused and cause frustrating situations while you’re on the road. There are inevitable situations you might encounter in the future while driving regardless if your car is the latest model or well-built. They are still prone to road problems which may need you to call for a towing service. Flatbed towing is efficient for vehicles with missing wheels. It is also good for vehicles that are classic or exotic, forklifts and equipment, SUVs, etc. This type of towing is ideal for long distance transportations of vehicles with low bumpers such as sport, luxury, and classic cars to avoid any possible damages to the car. 


Uncertain when to call a towing company? If you’re stuck or involved in any of these situations, it is important to have a reputable towing company take care of your car when you need it towed.

  • Collision accident

If you get involved in a collision accident, you might find yourself in need of a towing service because you won’t know how severe the damage is that has been inflicted in your car. You shouldn’t drive it after the accident. Call a towing company immediately.

  • Busted tire

Honestly, a flat tire isn’t really a threat because there are companies that offer flat tire changing services. If you’re also skilled in changing tires and brought a spare tire with you, then you’re good to go. However, if you don’t have the right tools with your and a spare tire or worst, don’t know how to change a tire, you will need towing services especially if you are stuck in a place where flat tire changing services aren’t available.

  • Overheat

If your car is overheating, towing is strongly advised. It can be caused by different reasons so let a professional technician handle it.


Unlike other types of towing, flatbed towing assures your vehicle’s safety. It is designed to protect your vehicle from further damages by elevating the vehicle so it wouldn’t have any direct contact to the ground. Anything that may cause damage to your vehicle will not be a threat because they will be consumed by the flatbed. This is why flatbed towing is good for your vehicle. Unlike the traditional way of towing, flatbed towing prioritizes your vehicle’s safety by keeping them free from road debris and other things that might scratch your vehicle or ruin its beauty.


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